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So-Called Right to Work
Posted On: Sep 14, 2018

The designation of “Right to Work” was created by the supporters and proponents of anti-labor interests to put a positive spin on an otherwise damaging statute.

On its surface, the more appropriately named “So-Called Right to Work” laws prohibit worker security agreements between labor unions and their employers. In reality, these laws strip workers of protections afforded by unions by lowering wages and endangering worker safety and health.

“So-Called Right to Work” laws make it optional for workers protected by a union contact to help pay for the expenses that a union incurs while guaranteeing the rights of all employees. They restrict freedom of association by prohibiting workers and employers from agreeing to contracts that include fair share fees, forcing dues-paying union members to subsidize services to non-union employees.

States that adopt “So-Called Right to Work” laws are truthfully only giving workers the “right to work for less.” Wages are at least 3.2% lower in these states, which also feature much lower rates of employer-sponsored health insurance and pensions.

Since federal law already prohibits any American from being forced to join a union, these “So-Called Right to Work” laws do not grant any rights, only weaken unions and their protection of workers.

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